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Alex Cappelli

Info on Alex

Info on Alex
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- He was born on the 4th of October 1984
- Birthname is Alexander J. Cappelli
- He has 4 cats
- Cats are his fave pets
- His fave colour is black

Alex Cappelli is a young Melbourne-based actor who starred alongside Delta Goodrem in Hating Alison Ashley. Alex is also an animal lover and has four cats, all strays that have wandered into his family's home over the years.

Alex didn't always have a burning desire to be an actor but got interested in making amateur films and then started acting in them. He started drama school in 2000 and signed up with his agency in 2001. Since then he has played parts in Blue Heelers, Stingers and a kids show called Short Cuts.

Alex scored his first film role last year when he was cast as Barry Hollis in Hating Alison Ashley. He also has an ongoing guest role in Neighbours where he plays a mean character called Mike Pill. He says it’s fun to play mean for a change.

Alex's family has always had cats for as long as he can remember. The Cappelli family has never bought a cat but they just keep finding a way into their lives.

At the moment, the family have four moggies of various ages – one is quite young while the oldest is about 16 or 17. The fours cats are called Lulu, Maisy, Pretty and Bruiser (the only boy) – but Alex doesn’t like this name so he calls him Sweet.

The cats don't all get on that well but they manage to work things out and are able to live together OK.

Surprisingly, they also have a pond that his Dad built in the garden that's full of goldfish. For some reason, the cats seem to leave the fish alone.

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