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Alex Cappelli

Shortcuts eps

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Shortcuts eps

Episode One : Action
There are new friendships to be forged and old alliances to be renewed as the Year 9 media studies class at Sunridge Park School begins the new term. Mr Long sets them a new challenge – a three-minute video on the topic of their choice. Ruth sees the project as the chance to help Fiona find true love.

Episode Two : Wheels on Fire
Anna doesn’t feel a part of the media studies class and is going to leave until Mr Long teams her up with Oscar to work on a video. Ross badgers Sophie to help him with his soccer video, but in his enthusiasm to watch the game he tips her out of her wheelchair. Sophie and Oscar both discover that the camera can lie – with a bit of creative editing.

Episode Three : Money or the Box
Fiona is still not talking to Ruth after the fiasco of the Laz video, but she is forced to team up with her when she wants to video and meet her favourite band – International Oyster. But instead of meeting the band, Fiona lands in trouble and Ruth gets to meet them. Ross learns a lesson about sharing when Oscar discovers a family video that Ross has been editing.

Episode Four : Au Naturel
When Anna shows her nature video to the class they agree on one thing – it’s boring. The class is not afraid to tell Anna what they think. Mr Long knows how to remedy that attitude – everyone has to make a nature video. What seems simple proves far more difficult and Anna becomes the most popular girl in class as everyone tries to solicit her help.

Episode Five : Crash and Burn
The twins video the aftermath of a car accident outside the school. They see the video as a way to make fast money on TV’s Funniest Home Video. Ross has his sights set on bigger fish – a new series called Funniest Home Car Crashes. For Sophie it is all too close to home – bringing back the bad memories of the accident that killed her father and left her in a wheelchair. It is up to Sophie to get the message across.

Episode Six : Home and Away
Collaboration – Mr Long teams Ross with Anna and Kurt with Ruth to produce videos with very mixed results. Laz has moved in with friends and Ross sees his video as a chance to show their mum how well Laz is going. Ruth sees the collaboration as a chance to get close to Kurt. They are both disappointed.

Episode Seven : Wonder Twins Activate
Ruth thinks a video of Kurt’s home life will help the class understand him. Oscar thinks an inside look at the twins’ home life will help get the terrible two off his back. The two exposes into the private lives of Kurt and the twins have vastly different results for Ruth and Oscar. Ruth is a pariah and Oscar is a hero.

Episode Eight : Burn Baby, Burn
Sophie can’t bring herself to like her mother’s boyfriend, Glenn. No matter how hard he tries Glenn can’t do a thing right and Sophie won’t give him an even break. Life at home is difficult for Ruth, too. When her mother goes on a diet she is forced to join in even though she doesn’t need to lose any weight.

Episode Nine : My Funny Valentine
When Mr Long forces Anna and Ross to work together and they have to find a topic they can agree on it seems like an impossible task – until Anna comes up with and idea. They will swap character traits! Oscar begs his family not to embarrass him when Fiona comes for tea. And Kurt decides to make a video on the old lady next door.

Episode Ten : The Grass is Greener
Kurt’s video of his elderly neighbour, Mrs Green begins as a joke. He wants to hurt the old lady by making her seem stupid, but the more time he spends with her the more he gets to like her. The new Kurt surprises his classmates, but not Mrs Green. She always knew there was more to the sullen boy. Kurt and Mrs Green form a close bond that is broken when she passes away before his video is completed.

Episode Eleven : Super Geek
Directing his first film script proves to be a much harder job than Oscar imagined. The cast wants to rewrite the script and can’t agree on Oscar’s image of the characters. Kurt is still mourning his friend and neighbour, Mrs Green but his mood lightens when a new family moves in next door and their daughter is everything he dreamt of in a girl – a female version of him!

Episode Twelve : The Thrill of the Chase
The class is led on a merry chase when the twins steal the class video camera and hold it to ransom. They have been kicked out of the media studies class and want to prove they should be able to return and not be forced into tech design. Kurt is the only one not involved in the hostage drama. He has his own problems – a reluctance to take part in a personal profile video.

Episode Thirteen : A Fete Worse Than Death
The end of term is approaching and everyone is looking forward to the holiday. The class organises an awards night with the winner of the best film getting to take the camera home for the holidays. But before the holiday there is muck-up day. Pandemonium reigns until a word appears on the school over. Chaos takes over. And it is chaos that could see Kurt expelled.

Episode Fourteen : The Anarchists’ Convention
The new term begins with Kurt showing his holiday video – a film of student revolution. Ross is motivated and decides to stand for Student Representative Council. Oscar is motivated too. He helps Kurt show his film on the internal TV system, seeing it as a way to get a student run TV station. The class is enthusiastic, but Mrs Bartlett doesn’t think it is such a good idea.

Episode Fifteen : Eye of the Tiger
The class is determined to change Mrs Bartlett’s mind about the student TV station and plan to put together a promo tape to show her just what they have in mind. Anna is going to be the face of the student TV but doesn’t turn up to the planning meeting. Everyone is annoyed until they realise she is seriously ill. Should they proceed without her?

Episode Sixteen : What A Feeling
The school dance is coming up and Fiona is holding dance lessons, and her only two students – Ross and Oscar. They both want to impress and be her date for the dance. Ruth is sick of Kurt’s attitude and tells him so. He tries to ask her to the dance but the words never come out right. Everyone is having a good time until they find out that Anna is really ill – she is in a coma.

Episode Seventeen : Every Vote Counts
With Anna still gravely ill in hospital an election is held to replace her as head of form. Both Sophie and Ruth nominate – setting the two for an interesting battle. Ruth is the caring sharing candidate and Sophie wants a revolution. Mrs Bartlett makes a decision about the student TV station. It can’t go ahead while Sophie is preaching revolution. She will have to withdraw from the race for the station to have a chance. Sophie has a decision to make.

Episode Eighteen : The Night of Nights
Mrs Bartlett has finally given her permission for the student channel to go to air, but it isn’t easy sailing getting the station up and running. Anna is out of her coma and has just one wish – that Ross isn’t the anchor. That leaves a reluctant Fiona to take the spotlight. Oscar takes over running the channel and becomes a tyrant. Some how the kids have to bring him into line.

Episode Nineteen : Splitting A Tom
It is clear that the twins depend too much on each other so Mr Long proposes a test. They must each make a video without the help of the other. Tim’s is good, but the same can’t be said for Tom’s. He copied Tim’s idea without the same success. In hospital Anna borrows a video and has a lot of fun making a film with the other patients.

Episode Twenty : Mummy Dearest
Kurt’s mother returns home after seven years absence and the boy is transformed. The sullen face is gone and a smile has replaced it. No one can believe the change – especially Ruth, when Kurt invites her out! But the new Kurt is going to be short lived. Oscar has been filming Ruth’s mother’s pregnancy and she has had enough – no more filming. But he arrives unannounced and is there where Ruth’s baby sister is born.

Episode Twenty-one : Party On, Rhys
Fiona is having a birthday and she wants a more grown up party that doesn’t include the boys from the media studies class. Fiona is inviting her Year 11 boyfriend and his mates – it proves to be a disastrous move. Anna is out of hospital but too scared to go back to school or Fiona’s party. Sophie and Ruth have a plan to get her back in the action. And the boys have a plan to get their own back for not being invited to the party.

Episode Twenty-two : Fight The Power
Oscar’s sister comes home for an anti-uranium demonstration. Her mother is going to join in but Oscar and his dad want them to keep out of trouble. Sophie is keen to be part of it and when she can’t get anyone to join her she goes alone. Kurt makes a special appearance with his father’s band – but it is a gig he doesn’t want anyone to find out about.

Episode Twenty-three : Cops & Robbers
The class has been getting complaints about their programming of the student TV channel so they decide to create an original film for broadcast. The cops and robbers film is going well until they are all arrested. Mrs Bartlett is far from amused when she hears the news. The media studies class is banned from the school channel and Mr Long is out of the classroom and into the gym – teaching PE.

Episode Twenty-four : Survivor
With Mr Long teaching PE and the Year 9 students locked out of the TV studio drastic measures are called for. Led by Sophie, the class stages a sit-in. Everyone is prepared to take part – except Ross. He has soccer. The strike creates a lot of interest with the entire school. To bring it to an end Mr Long makes an unusual move.

Episode Twenty-five : As A Row of Tents
The class heads into the bush for the school camp. No one is very keen apart from Ruth and Kurt who see it as a chance to sneak off together and Mr Long who will be able to spend time with Miss Petersen. When Kurt and Ruth go missing everyone fears the worst.

Episode Twenty-six : Cut
The big day is looming and there are wedding jitters for Mr Long and Miss Petersen. When the kids find out that Miss Petersen has landed a job in Greenland they decide to stop the wedding. They can’t lose their favourite teacher to Greenland with his wife. Complicated plans are hatched and in full swing when Oscar finds out that Mr Long loves Miss Petersen and is keen to go away with her. Somehow he has to stop the plans and get Mr Long to church on time.