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Shock One-Night Stand

A wicked scheme sends unlikely duo Dylan and Carmella into each other's arms.

On scandalous episodes of Neighbours, Dylan and Carmella wake up next to each other with no recollection of what happened the night before! When the unlikely pair is invited to Rosie's (Natalie Saleeba) weekend retreat in the country, they shockingly find themselves the innocent victims of Paul's (Stefan Dennis) wicked plan.

The immoral businessman's scheme to win Rosie pays off when she finds Dylan (Damien Bodie) and Carmella (Natalie Blair) in bed together! Rosie is outraged by her sister's tacky behaviour and what was supposed to be a romantic getaway with Frazer (Ben Lawson) turns into a circus, much to Frazier's frustration and Paul's delight.

With the seeds sewn, the path is clear for Ned (Dan O'Connor) to carry out Pau's sinister bidding. But the true extent of that plan remains to be seen…

Baby Kerry Has Leukemia
There's heartbreak in store for new Mum Sky Mangel in Neighbours this spring - as her beloved daughter, Kerry, is diagnosed with leukemia. The shock storyline sees Kerry's Dad, Dylan Timmins, and Sky thrown into despair as they pray their newborn baby can fight the disease. But with Kerry urgently needing a bone marow transplant, it'll be up to Dylan's brother, Stingray, to try to save his niece's life...

"The news that Kerry has leukemia will rock her family to the very core," whispers our Neighbours insider. "However, because of problems with his health, Dylan's unable to be a donor - so Stingray steps in."

The selfless decision is bound to see Sky grow even closer to Stingray, with whom she already had a one night stand. So, with emotions running high and Kerry's life on the line, what does the future hold for Sky, Dylan and Stingray?"
Monday 5th February - Episode 5141
The Cammeniti sisters clash over Rocco's claim he's dying.
Harold begs Ringo's silence after he saves baby Kerry.
Desperate to end her crush, perky Pepper claims Paul is a dud kisser.

Tuesday 6th February - Episode 5142
Toadie pulls the mother of all stunts in an attempt to save Max's neck.
Boyd begs Elle for a favour when he fears he's got a stalker.
Carmella vows to help her father despite Rosie's wishes.

Wednesday 7th February - Episode 5143
Toadie's win is tainted by the loss of Steph's heart.
With Ned's addiction spiralling he grabs Katya's lifeline - but will he fall for Paul's trap?
Janae fights for her man.

Thursday 8th February - Episode 5144
Ned's gambling deals him a horrible hand.
Lolly's attention-seeking behaviour lands Bree in strife.
Pepper tries to rid herself of Paul's demon by sleeping with him!
Stingray continues to deny his longing for Sky.

Friday 9th February - Episode 5145
Sky and Stingray reach the point of no return, once again!
Ringo makes a mess of his plan to woo Rachel.
Pepper discovers that her secret tryst with Paul isn't quite so secret
Monday 12th February - Episode 5146
Harold's car is stolen - along with baby Kerry!
Carmella uses childhood tricks to work out where Rosie stashed the money.
Summer confronts Max and Steph over their happy family act.

Tuesday 13th February - Episode 5147
Harold saves himself with a massive lie.
It's a Valentines Day massacre as desperate Ned does Paul's wicked bidding.
Rosie reluctantly agrees to help Carmella with the family business.

Wednesday 14th February - Episode 5148
Ned's plan succeeds with devastating consequences.
Heartbroken Elle vows to be a daddy's girl forever.
Max and Steph seek refuge in the past, but do they have a future?

Thursday 15th February - Episode 5149
Will Lolly come clean about her disturbing secret?
Toadie has a hot date - but is it all that it seems?
Hopeless Ringo only manages to upset Rachel further.
Pepper lets it slip that Frazer has a secret.

Friday 16th February - Episode
Lolly's lie claims Pepper as a victim.
It's the end of an era for one of Ramsay street's most loved couples.
Shattered Pepper strives to repair the rift with her mum.
Karl realises the debt he owes Susan.
Only have Monday's and Thursday's for this week
Monday 19th February - Episode 5151
Elle begins a scheme to stop Carmella and Oliver getting together.
Despite words to the contrary, Dylan struggles with Stingray's involvement in Kerry's upbringing.
Frazer finally spills his big secret to Rosie - and Paul offers her a shoulder to cry on.
Thursday 22nd February - Episode 5154
Kerry's worrying health gives Dylan a much needed wake-up call.
Overwhelmed by fear, Lolly runs away from her problems.
Susan turns her wrath on Karl's beard.

Interveiw with Damien about his characters proposal to his gorgeous girlfriend Sky:

Why does Dylan choose Luna Park as the place to ask Sky to marry him?
Dylan wants to do something outrageous - he wants to propose to Sky in a way she'll  remember forever. But he isn't the brigest cook in the kitchen! He invites her there, thinking he'll take her on the dodgem cars. But she's pregnant - she can't go on the dodgem cars!
So where exactly does Dylan propose to Sky?
They're just standing back and watching the dodgem cars and Dylan's kicking himself, thinking, "I just wanted everything to be perfect." Then he looks into her eyes and realises he wants to pop the question anyway.
How does Sky respond?
Well, before she's even had a chane to answer, he's jumped to the conclusion that she's said yes. He's putting the ring on her finger! Meanwhile, she's feeling bad about the whole baby thing. But for Dylan, this is the best thing in the world at the moment.
So he's deleriously happy?
Yes. he's gone from having nothing, to this. Sky cheated on him, which virtually destroyed him. Now he's come back around, thinking he's going to be the father. Being with Skt is what Dylan wants - he's really in love with her and so he's willing to forget everything thats happened in the past.
Do you think he ever loved Elle?
No. I think Elle came along at the right time. Elle had the qualities that Dylan thought he wanted, but she was never really what he did want.
What was it like filming at Luna Park?
It was so much fun. We went into Luna Park and the rides were going. Stephen Lovatt (Max) and Nat Bassingthwaighte (Izzy) were also there on the day because they were doing a storyline as well. We had such a good time.
Blue= Damien Bodie
Questions and answers from BBC neighbours site!
Hazel from London: How did you get on Neighbours?
Damien: That first started with a phone call from my agent. He said there's a new character they're looking to cast for the brother of Stingray. Of course I checked out a few episodes, and I knew the character Stingray already, being a fan of the show. In fact my friends had already said, wow, that character of Stingray really reminds them of me. When I found out I was going for the brother of Stingray I was like, wow, that's incredible, because Stingray has such amazing enthusiasm and energy that I really wanted to be part of that type of family. In the second audition, Ben Nicholas came in and read with me, and I think that was really the selling point, seeing us together, because we worked together so well. Ben is, of course, a legend, very funny guy. Everyone loves him and I love him so much on the show, I think his stuff comes across really well. When we read together, I think that was really the 'click point' and kind of how I got the role on Neighbours!
Kirsty from Leamington Spa: Are you as much of a trouble maker in real life as you are on screen?!
Damien: I would certainly have to say no. Dylan is good at finding trouble and he's good at starting fights. I am probably the complete opposite of that! I don't like causing a scene, I don't want people to get upset with me and I've never been in a fight before! These are things he loves doing, and I'm the opposite. So that's how different we are!
Emma from England: Why do you think Dylan is so extreme?
Damien: Stingray and Dylan, the whole family - basically it comes from having six siblings. There are two older brothers that we have, Brandon and Dwayne [as well as sisters Janae and Bree] and we all strive for attention from our mum and our dad. These are the lengths we go to; we do things in the extreme to get people to notice us. And Stingray was always running around, getting Susan's attention, getting girls' attention, and that's what Dylan hopes too, getting 'in your face' to get girls' attention.
Becci from Liverpool: Your character is pretty wild. Can we expect more of this or will he be 'neighbourized' like brother Stingray?
Damien: Well, that's a very good question. I guess when Dylan was first in he was very extreme, very harsh, wanting to start fights, that sort of thing. Dylan does mellow a bit, he doesn't become as over the top, purely because he's settling in and things are going well for him. But of course, certainly when things don't go well for Dylan, he'll just snap back to being the old Dylan. So there are parts of him that do mellow, but still sides of him that keep coming through, and he can be quite macho at times.
Nobody2005 from London: Dylan's a bit of a rocker, what kind of music do you really like?
Damien: My favourite band is Muse, I love all their stuff, and that type of band is what I like: U2, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, anything with a really catchy tune. I love something that I really start singing to. But of course my favourite song of all time is 'Kiss the Girl' from 'The Little Mermaid.' So I think that's a bit odd...
Charlotte from Braintree: Is Dylan's unique dress style something of your own or do you have a stylist?
Damien: Everyone on the show gets dressed by Wardrobe. I certainly don't dress like Dylan at all, and I don't think I'd ever worn a singlet top before I played Dylan. He always wants to show off his muscles, he wears a lot of jewellery, all these sort of things. He has an earring and I don't. Everything I wear on the show is completely Dylan, and I'm certainly not like that at all. I don't like to stand out as much as Dylan does; he likes to wear basketball shirts and stuff. So, no, I am very much separate to Dylan and Wardrobe style me!
Funky Kitten: Do you think Sky is right for Dylan or do you think she's better with Boyd?
Damien: This is a question I get a lot, because a lot of people think Sky and Boyd should never break up. But Dylan's the bad boy! I mean, who wouldn't want to be with the bad boy? Boyd is the sissy nice guy that everyone likes, and he's nice to everyone. I mean, come on! That is boring. We want someone fun, someone that's going to cause a stir. And of course if you break up Sky and Boyd, and they get back together, that could be even better... I'll just say that. I think that Dylan and Sky are well suited. They are very alternative and have a lot of fun, causing mischief, making out in front of people. I think Dylan and Sky are really perfect for each other.
Nick from London: Who do you think is the hottest member of the cast?
Damien: Ian Smith. He is an absolute legend on the show. Who doesn't want to meet Harold? Everyone loves him, I love him. Before I started on the show, he was the one person I really wanted to meet. And when I met him I was so excited. He's a great bloke, he's very funny, and I enjoy doing any scene with him. He is hot, he is hot property ladies! That question was from Nick. Come on Nick, you've got to admit it yourself; Harold is a fantastic hot man!
Jennifer from Edinburgh: Do you have a girlfriend? And if so, what does she think of your kissing scenes with Sky?
Damien: Well, I don't have a girlfriend, so I don't really know. That's a question that comes a fair bit, if you're kissing someone on the show. All you really have to say is that it's like kissing a very close friend. In front of 50 people. Filming it! So it's not very intimate. And of course when you're working with friends, it very comfortable. The first kiss is a bit hard, but after you break that barrier, it's like, "we're all friends here." It's for a show, and it's seen by the rest of the world! It's not very intimate.
Steph from London: Which members of the cast do you get on best with?
Damien: I would certainly have to say Ben Nicholas because that guy is a legend. Every scene I have to do with that charmer... he just makes me laugh. He's just a very, very funny bloke, and it's great working with someone as talented as Ben. And of course it's great to have a brother as well, we're always wrestling, fighting; we have a lot of fun. Marisa Warrington is also a beautiful, beautiful girl, she's a champion. I never had that many scenes with her, but she was always very kind and caring.
Liam from England: Are you enjoying The Ashes series as much as we are in England? Who out of the cast is the best at cricket?
Damien: I'm not much of a cricket fan, I hate to disappoint you! I'm more of an Aussie Rules football fan, my team is Collingwood. I don't really know much about cricket. The best cricketer on the show? I'd have to say Kyal Marsh who plays Boyd- probably because he's good at every sport! That guy is just good at everything! He picks up a bat, he picks up a ball, he can hit it, kick it, shoot it, everything.
Pips from England: Could you give me some advice on what makes a good actor? Also who do you think is the best actor in the cast and why?
Damien: Some advice... I mean, it's a tough question. I don't know. An actor that I would admire would be someone that's very natural, has a natural flow, doesn't always know his lines off by heart, there's a pace there. I guess anyone who isn't very 'stuttery,' who knows their character so well. Someone that knows less is more. I know that's kind of the opposite of what me and Ben do, since we have such over the top characters. But 'less is more' is great. It means it's all inside their head and in their eyes.
Stefan Dennis is a legend on the show. He was on the show when I was really young, when the show first started. I grew up watching him. He's got a great voice, that great gravelly voice. He could say anything and it would sound like liquid gold. He's just great at everything he does. He can play any kind of scene to a T. Any storyline he gets he does it really well.
Lucy from Essex: Which Hollywood great are you more like as an actor - Marlon Brando or James Dean?
Damien: Hello Lucy, how are you doing? Firstly I would say I can't possibly compare myself or say which one I'm more like, because those guys are legends. It's kind of hard to ask which one you are more like. I think they're both talented actors and legends of their time! So I won't even go there, I admire both of them. Thank you for the question!
Jenny from Surrey: Many of the previous Neighbours cast have come to England and released a single. Is there any chance of you doing the same?
Damien: Well this is always exciting. This is one thing I've always wanted to do. I am a very good singer, and I have an album on the way, coming to you... no I'm JUST KIDDING! I can't sing at all. I'm not interested in releasing an album, and I'm not interested in releasing a single, and if I do, you can replay this footage and I will... laugh awkwardly. No, I'm not interested in doing that sort of thing. I think we have enough people who are doing that. There will be stars to come who will still be doing that, and we have had so many in the past. Certainly, what I want to do in my career is not really that! Thank you very much for the question Jenny.
Graham from Basingstoke: What are your aspirations as an actor? To continue with television or to go into theatre or into films? And if theatre, would you consider panto in the UK - as have so many other soap actors?
Damien: Well, I consider everything. I just love all sorts of aspects of acting: television, theatre, films... everything is like an open book, who knows where the future will take me? I certainly don't want to cut off anywhere that I don't want to do, because everything you do helps to make you better. I remember some of my school musicals that I did were some of the most fun I've ever had, getting to know people. Certainly working on any other show has been a good grounding for me, becoming the actor that I have. I'd love to do more television, comedies, drama, genre films, anything. If it's good work, then I think anything's really exciting. So who knows?!
That's all the questions that you guys gave me! Thank you very much for all the questions that you guys sent in, thank you very much for tuning in to the BBC website, and I will catch you all later! See you guys!