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Damien Bodie

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Damien Bodie

Hello everyone! I have not been on this site because I forgot the logon details, and because I was unable to find any new information on Damien!


Damien is currently playing the role of Jonathan Kurtiss on channel Seven's 'Winners and Losers'.

Jonathan, 26, is Frances’ assistant and he loves his job.

“Jonathan adores Frances for who she is; he is in charge of not only what’s happening in her work life but also her personal life,” says Damien Bodie of his character in Winners & Losers.

He was born to be helpful, efficient, bossy and well - right. He knows the right clothes, the right venues, the right people to consort with. He’s charming, erudite, a lover of good food and wine. And he has style. Jonathan is gay. He’s not high camp or effeminate, but he’s well spoken and can turn on the sharp wit with the best of them.

A country boy from the Dandenongs originally, Jonathan comes from an accepting supporting family home - with his intelligent mother and gentle vintner Dad. 

He considers himself lucky to be so loved, unlike his long term partner, Chris Jones, 33, who has not come out to his highly judgmental and disapproving family. 

He’s a genuinely nice guy - albeit a little shallow at times - but if anything’s going to get him upset and emotional, it’s one of his friends or family getting hurt. 

Frances is near the top of the list of people he cares about and though he finds her hilarious and adorable most of he time, he secretly worries about her stunted emotional life. 
He knows she’s a little useless when it comes to ‘reading between the lines’ with anything that’s not direct, and while she might be awesomely talented and clever when it comes to men in business, she’s totally clueless about men in a romantic sense. 

It’s his mission in life to see her happy and fulfilled - even though that’s not on his list of official job duties. “I think everyone needs a good Jonathan in their life. Someone to have a laugh with; someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously."

This is a frequently UPDATED fansite dedicated to Damien Bodie. He played the long haired, fun loving Dylan Timmins on Neighbours.

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