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Damien Bodie

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About Damien


Name: Damien Bodie
D.O.B: 02-01-85
Place of birth: Melbourne, Australia
Star sign: Capricorn
Gender: Male
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Brown/slightly hazel
Favourite actor: Huge Jackman, (X-Men, The Boy from Oz)
Likes: The A.F.L - He's a Collingwood man! 
Hobbies: Acting
Favourite cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles
Favourite super hero: Batman
Favourite bands and singers: Muse, Grinspoon, U2, Foo fighters and Coldplay
Favourite Song: Kiss the girl - Little Mermaid
Status: He's taken ladies! She goes by the name "butteryflybaby" on myspace
Occupation: Actor, he plays the loveable Dylan Timmins on Neighbours. Sadly, Damien has filmed his last scenes as the character, but he will be on our screens untill March
Future: Look out for a poster of Damien in a March/April issue of TV WEEK

A bit of a chat
Damien Bodie, who plays Dylan, said he had a good feeling about the part very early on.
"As soon as Ben and I got together in my call back audition, it really went well. When I tell people I play Stingray's brother, they go, "wow!" Really, what could be better than playing Ben Nicholas' bro?"
Damien feels his character should fit into Ramsay Street quite well - and if he doesn't, it won't be through a lack of effort!
"Basically Dylan knows that the way into the good life is Susan Kennedy. She took in Tad, Toadie... she sees the positives in everyone, even when there isn't much good. Dylan is prepared to lie to get on her good side."

"It's an awesome opportunity, especially playing the bad boy. Dylan is such a stark contrast to what I'm like in real life!"
Damien says.
Eagle-eyed fans may remember a young Damien Bodie played Liam Rigby in Neighbours!
In the show, Liam's mother was called Natalie, who managed the bar where Joel Samuels worked.
Natalie started dating Joel, but didn't tell Liam, who was accustomed to being the centre of her attention. When Liam realised, he confronted Joel and the relationship ended.
Damien has starred in The Saddle Club, Ocean Girl, and Crash Zone, along with many other productions.
Damien also stars in Hating Alison Ashley, which was also Delta Goodrem's debut movie!